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Whether a young man in the Philippines seeking employment with an English-speaking contact center or a young woman in Japan wanting to study in the United States, bilingual opportunity seekers must gain—and prove that they have gained—proficiency in the English language.

Fortunately, the number of programs created to teach English to such hard-working individuals are endless. However, difficulties often arise for employers, employees, universities, and students when they must determine the level of proficiency for a bilingual requirement. This step becomes an obstacle because quality English assessments can be expensive, time-consuming, and slow to give results.

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The TrueNorth Speaking Test has been created with these needs in mind—to help individuals and organizations connect more quickly and more accurately.

As the first fully-automated speaking assessment with immediate score delivery, the TrueNorth Speaking Test has made the essential task of language proficiency evaluation more available than ever before. This advancement in language testing has enormous benefits for individuals around the globe trying to access the opportunities the English language provides. 

Learning English Has Never Been More Valuable

It is indisputable that English has become the lingua franca of the world. Having a common language allows for individuals, businesses, and cultures to come together, share ideas, and work more efficiently. Over the last few decades, advancements in technology have allowed for global commerce to scale dramatically, bringing products and work opportunities from English-speaking countries to every corner of the globe. English truly has become the worldwide language of business and opportunity.

With this understanding, many countries are putting in the effort to provide the rising generation with English education. In fact, the number of people learning English as a second language has never been greater. According to British Council Member John Knagg there are roughly 1.5 billion English-learners worldwide—many of whom are young people trying to invest in their future by acquiring this valuable skill.

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Mark Robson, also of the British Council, predicted that by 2020 “2 billion people will be using [English]—or learning to use it.” Mark Robson continued that “it is the economically active, the thought leaders, the business decision-makers, the young, the movers and shakers, present and future, who are learning and speaking English.”

During this exciting time of unprecedented English-learning, methods for providing accurate and accessible language testing are needed. The TrueNorth Speaking Test facilitates the transfer of potential human capital to the businesses and universities where they are needed most.

English Is the Language of Opportunity

The ability to communicate in English changes lives. From new job opportunities to increased ability to communicate with others, speaking English allows for individuals to see the world in a new way and achieve more than they would have otherwise. English has become the fuel behind countless rags-to-riches stories of those born outside of English-speaking countries seeking—and finding—greater opportunity.

One example is Leonardo Gomes, a 23-year-old young man from São Paulo, Brazil. His passion for American hip hop music instilled in him a desire to learn English by practicing with native English-speakers with whom he worked. After several months of practice, he was able to communicate proficiently in English. He is now armed with an incredibly valuable tool—not only to understand his favorite songs, but also to communicate and work outside his immediate community.

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However, this tool cannot be capitalized upon unless his talent can be authoritatively verified by companies and universities seeking his employ or attendance. Without accessible testing, it is quite possible that people’s ability to communicate in English will remain unnoticed. For individuals to unlock their potential as an English-speaker, they must first verify or prove their English-speaking competence through a reliable assessment. 

Individuals like Leonardo who have worked so hard to master a new language need to know that their results are valid and reliable. Emmersion makes use of professional and industry-trusted resources to verify language benchmarks and industry standards and achieve the necessary level of accuracy. This allows businesses and universities to evaluate applicants quickly and simply, and, in doing so, help individuals to develop and use their language skills to unlock better opportunities.

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Whether you are a business in need of proficient English speakers or a university wanting to find driven international students, TrueNorth is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable option. Over 800 universities and businesses have already recognized the value of the TrueNorth Speaking Test and joined us in our goal of closing the global communication gap one person at a time. What are you waiting for?

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