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The Surprising Value of Accurate Language Screening

Operating a contact center efficiently and profitably is a difficult task. It is only made more difficult with unpredictable events such as COVID-19 that have accelerated the need for digital transformation and workplace flexibility. In the last decade, as I built an offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) focused on staffing software developers and a 500-plus-seat market research contact center, I constantly looked for an edge in recruiting and customer satisfaction. Every contact center manager and executive is looking to: 1) hire and retain the best talent and 2) improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores in order to increase the bottom line. For onshore, offshore, and nearshore bilingual staffing, accurate language screening plays a crucial role in recruiting, retention, and customer experience.

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The Proof is in the Numbers: Saving Recruiting Time with Automation

I have the pleasure of leading our customer success team here at Emmersion. As our department name implies, the customer success team has the responsibility of ensuring that our customers find success using our language testing system. In onboarding new customers, before we jump into training and implementation, we start by asking them about their business goals and objectives.

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5 Major Challenges Faced By Call Centers Worldwide

Call center growth is continuing at a record pace. And, as emerging countries’ economies stabilize, call center sourcing is becoming more and more global. While India was once the center of all call center development, now Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, the Philippines, and other countries are quickly developing call center production. Regardless of location, call centers still face many of the same challenges.

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Case Study: Language Testing for Hiring Bilingual Employees

The Problem

Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), with locations throughout rapidly growing Idaho, is experiencing a time of growth and expansion. Today, Idaho Central has of $4 billion in assets and serves the needs of more than 360,000 members within all Idaho counties. ICCU wants to better serve the residents of Idaho by using bilingual representatives. 

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