Learning English Creates Educational and Economic Opportunities

As individuals, communities and nations look to improve their economic situations, learning English is key. A survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit found 90 percent of global corporate executives agreed if “cross-border communication” improved, the company’s profits and market share would significantly increase. Gaining basic English language skills opens the door to educational, employment, entertainment, and business opportunities. 

English Learning Statistics from 2019

  • Over 1.1 billion individuals claim English as their first or second language
  • Over 1.5 billion individuals are learning English globally
  • Universities in every country offer majors in English to attract international students
  • The top 10 programming languages are in English
  • English is the most used language in international business
  • More than half of all online content is in English
  • English is the language of travel and tourism
  • All of the top 10 grossing movies worldwide in 2018 were in English

The places and mediums for learning English are greater than ever, whether it is in public schools, private schools, colleges and universities, language learning centers, at work, in a classroom, online, an app, or one on one with a friend.  Casually learning english has its benefits for travel and entertainment but in order to tap the real value of English learning for educational and employment opportunities learners need a way to certify their language skills. For example, the TOEIC examination is used by over 16,000 organizations in over 160 countries.  

Language learners are typically measured/certified on reading, grammar, comprehension, listening, writing, and speaking (proficiency, pronunciation, and fluency). All of these skills are important to function in interactive learning and work environments. Oral and written communication are most important and also have been the most difficult to assess because it is difficult to automate. Most current methods require human involvement and rating which makes the process slow, expensive, inaccurate and difficult to scale. Because of this, many organizations have not assessed speaking and writing. Instead they approximate those skills with traditional reading and grammar tests. Strong written skills don’t necessarily correlate to strong speaking skills.

English Language Proficiency Test

With advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning, automated speaking and writing tests are possible. Emmersion’s TrueNorth language proficiency test leverages artificial intelligence to deliver automated adaptive oral proficiency tests in less than 15 minutes. The use of this technology enables more accurate results, immediate scoring, and a better test-taking experience.        

Prominent non-profit organizations around the world have recognized that one of the best ways to help people out of poverty is through learning English to give them opportunities for further education and employment. South Africa based Harambee is striving to solve youth unemployment. One of Harambee’s key areas of focus is teaching young Africans English with the goal of leveraging their language skills into employment. Additionally, Utah based One Refuge has a goal to help refugees thrive in their new home. One of the first steps is to help these refugees learn English to provide more opportunities and help them close the communication gap in their new home.

Learning English closes the global communication gap and enables further education, employment, and travel. Investing in English language education, such as through taking an English language proficiency test, is the best investment individuals and corporations can make. The global economy is becoming even more accessible as third-world countries begin to move out of poverty. To witness this dramatic evolution watch this amazing TED Talk by Hans Rosling – The visualization of Data. As new countries emerged as places to do business, new opportunities will surely follow. English will be required to establish a global business, and individuals and businesses who understand this trend will prepare today to have the capabilities and resources to take advantage of the opportunity.

Ready to start improving your English?

It can be difficult to know where to start and where to invest your time and resources in your English learning. Emmersion includes AI-driven language assessment and analytics tools that help to evaluate candidates quickly and accurately. Unlike any other English proficiency test on the planet, all our assessments (including speaking) are fully-automated and provide instant results. 

Experience certified language ability for yourself

Emmersion is a fully automated and adaptive language assessment engine for certifying speaking, writing, and grammar ability in 9 global languages with immediate results. Click below to try a free Emmersion assessment for yourself.

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