Is it Worth it to Switch to Automated Language Assessments?

Do you hire bilingual speakers? If so, when was the last time you considered updating your bilingual hiring process? Automated language assessments are the way of the future, reducing friction, unnecessary costs, and inaccuracies from your process to help you build a reputation for high-performing, language-qualified talent. 

Read some snapshots of our customer’s success below

“We need something that backs up our language ability claims. Emmersion provides that validity to our clients and partners.”

– Rebecca Hernandez, Majorel Canada


“Our clients prefer to have our agents’ language abilities validated by a third party. Now, with Emmersion, we are able to provide this certification and it does not slow down our recruitment process.”

– Maya Vertesi, Computacenter Hungary


language_assessing (1)

“​​[With Emmersion], we have already seen NPS go up and CSAT concerns go down.”

– BenJoe Markland, Focus Services


“One of the challenges people have with offshoring talent is English communication ability. Being able to say to our clients ‘we have really great English speaking talent and we use a third party to prove it’ gives them confidence in our talent.”

– Landon Essig, CEO ofCoDev



Benefits of automated, AI language assessment technology

Many organizations that haven’t made the switch don’t realize the impact that better language assessment can make in different areas of their business. Below are some fast facts about AI language assessments that just might convince you to try it:

  • AI assessments are 95% accurate
  • Using them at the beginning of your hiring process can save you 63% in hiring time
  • Our customers have seen 20% higher CSAT scores from using our assessments
  • Agents that scored higher in language ability had better retention rates
  • Better language data collection and benchmarking have led to more accurate hiring across locations

Interested? We’d love to discuss how better language assessments can get you the right results for your business. Request a demo below to talk about how we can help you get better, more reputable agents in the seats of your organization.

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