How to Build Your Reputation for Best Language Talent

Did you know that the contact center industry is poised to grow by 190 billion dollars in the next 6-10 years? Taking advantage of that growth is on everyone’s minds, and you can do it by building your reputation as a company that truly delivers on high-quality language ability. Here’s how you can find and showcase great communicators in your organization to win, grow, and retain business for your contact center.


Find a reliable assessment

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide how you’ll measure your employees’ and potential hires’ language talent. Most companies use human raters to test language abilities, but this solution isn’t great for a few reasons.

For starters, it’s extremely hard to calibrate all of your human raters to make sure they’re testing fairly and consistently relative to each other. And, even after putting in all of the work to try to make that happen, individual language raters will score testers inconsistently depending on the circumstance. Things like the rater’s mood, when they last ate, and how many assessments they’ve given that day will make it hard to test the same way every time.

Human rater interviews are also time-consuming and not scalable—one human can only test one human at a time, and hiring more human raters adds a huge cost for what they deliver. 

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We recommend using reliable, scalable, accurate testing software to test large groups of people, especially when you’re trying to build a credible reputation for language talent. It helps, too, if you can get detailed, granular scoring that shows more nuance than CEFR or TOEFL scales. Precise assessment results from a tried-and-true third-party source will give you the crucial confidence you need in your results.

Test all of your current employees

Now that you have a dependable testing solution, you’ll need to figure out where your employees’ language ability currently stands. Creating a baseline now will provide a standard to measure future hires against. Over time, you’ll see the standards or your workforce improving.

As you gather scores, make sure you’re keeping track of agents’ roles and any data you have that shows you how they’ve performed in meeting customer needs. 

Create language skill benchmarks

Now, after spending all of that hard work and time on testing, it’s time to bring your data to life. Each role in your organization should have thresholds and benchmarks for language skill requirements. 

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Do specific positions need great writing or grammar skills but not speaking skills? Do your managers have high enough language abilities that they’re efficiently meeting customer needs? Are you finding any correlation between great language speakers and higher CSAT scores?

As you ask yourself these questions and more, the language ability puzzle will start to come together.

Create new hiring and promotion standards

Now that you know the ability levels you need to reach to get better service and results from your organization, it’s time to use what you know to make improvements.

Maybe you used to think that you needed higher-level agents to speak at a B2 level on the CEFR scale, but you now see that only agents scoring on the upper end of the B2 threshold are consistently meeting customer expectations. Or maybe you’re finding that too many new hires are missing the grammar skills they need to be successful. You may even find that some agents are almost at the level they need to be, and some language training to the right groups of people will be an easy way to improve your KPIs.

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As it becomes clear what works and what needs to change, you can start making changes to your job descriptions, promotion requirements, and language assessment cadence to start driving the results you want to see.

Use better data and results to grow your business

Now that you’ve created the perfect foundation for a top-notch language skills reputation, you’ll start to see a shift in how you work, how you serve customers, and how much all of those things matter to your clients.

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When new business comes knocking, most of your competitors won’t have a great answer to the question, “How do you make sure you’re getting consistent language ability and results for us?” Following this process will help you to not only have something to say, but something to show, too. 

Granular results, language ability benchmarks, and correlated performance reports will tell the story your clients need to hear: “I take language skills seriously, and I can deliver consistent service for you now and for years to come.”

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