Growing Your Contact Center with the Best Bilingual Talent

Recent reports about the future of the call center market predict massive growth. The current market, valued at 235 billion dollars, is expected to grow to 435 billion dollars in the next six years. 

Growth is exciting, but now’s the time to ask yourself—are you prepared for it? How are you making sure you’re not getting lost in the shuffle?

Start with skilled representatives

From what I’ve seen during my last decade in the people experience space, I know that achieving success comes down to the human capital on your team. Today’s customers are more demanding than ever, and very few things erode a customer’s loyalty quicker than talking to an agent that doesn’t care, isn’t qualified, and drags out the process. 


Your clients know this, and they know the only way for them (and you) to stay relevant and competitive in the global space is to offer the best service to their end users. If you can hire the right people with the right skills, you’ll be perfectly poised for success.

So, what are the right skills? Your employees need to be knowledgeable, empathetic, good listeners, organized, adaptable, and more. But before they can be any of these things, they have to be good communicators. And communication starts with language ability. 

Prioritize language during hiring

In the BPO/contact center space, language ability is the top predictor for successful agents. And successful agents are better at serving customers, impressing clients, being happy in their jobs, and more likely to stick with your organization through its growth. 

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As I’ve worked at Emmersion and gotten a front-row seat to the global industry, I’ve observed that the top companies already know this: they use reliable, accurate, objective testing solutions to hire top language talent fast.

The name of the game is to find your top performers at the beginning of the hiring process, before they get snatched away by competitors. Same-day offer is a metric you should care about and work to achieve, and it’s enabled by screening for language ability upfront.

Use language testing smarter

Another way language testing can help you grow your business is through internal benchmarking. You already know you need to find high-level communicators to help your business succeed and grow. But if your language testing solution isn’t accurate, detailed, or reliable enough, you can miss out on a wealth of great talent. 

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Get a clear view of language ability. Using our TrueNorth score, you’ll have an objective view of how every language speaker measures up. You’ll know who needs more development focus and who is ready to grow. You’ll also know which of the candidates you didn’t hire are likely to grow over the next six or 12 months, so you can plan to reach out to them on a scheduled date, before your competitors have a chance to. Think of these candidates similarly to how marketing uses funnels to nurture future candidates, and find ways to stay in touch with them.

Use language skills to unlock growth opportunities. Many of our clients use our tests for their current agents to determine who’s advancing in their language skills and might be ready to take on more responsibility, support more difficult customers, or move to a higher position.

Knowing language ability more precisely can help you to take advantage of the resources you already have much more effectively. 

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Take advantage of the ripple effect

As you use language testing more and more, the benefits will only increase. Hiring qualified agents from the start lowers turnover. Lower turnover means less of a burden on your hiring teams. That allows you to invest more time into growth and developing new agents. Eliminating human-led language interviews saves you from needlessly increasing your recruiting headcount as you grow. 

As agents are placed in correct positions and are happier in their jobs, they tell their friends and do some of your recruiting for you. And as you remove the language qualifying headache from your hiring and internal teams, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the industry’s growth and take on your competition.

Prioritizing true, dependable proof of language ability in your contact center will lead to exciting outcomes for your business.

Experience certified language ability for yourself

Emmersion is a fully automated and adaptive language assessment engine for certifying speaking, writing, and grammar ability in 9 global languages with immediate results. Click below to try a free Emmersion assessment for yourself.

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