Enterprise API Beta Summary


The Enterprise API for the TrueNorth Platform is designed to facilitate automation for the TrueNorth and WebCAPE assessments, specifically surrounding the registration and score retrieval processes. The beta was launched on 10.01.2019 and there were 20 participants throughout the beta period. The API documentation for all versions can be found at https://api.truenorthtest.com/

The general release of the Enterprise API, version 2020q1, is now available. In this case, the functionality of both the beta version and this version is the same. The only difference between the two is the routes. We recommend updating to version 2020q1, but will maintain the beta version until the next version is released.


We received fantastic feedback from many of our beta customers, and made several improvements to the API to facilitate better automation and ease of use. All changes have been made both to the beta version and version 2020q1.

  • 11.04.2019 — Added “scores” endpoint to facilitate retrieving score “batches” for an account (https://api.truenorthtest.com/#all-scores)
  • 11.25.2019 — Added “groups” endpoint to facilitate creating a group via the API (https://api.truenorthtest.com/#create-group)
  • 11.25.2019 — Added “userAssessmentId” into the API process to allow for test-taker to go straight into the assessment instead of landing on the test-taker dashboard
  • 01.20.2020 — Hardened the security of our testing application
  • 01.27.2020 — Added “signInUrl” in the response for the “assign” endpoint to reduce the number of calls needed to register a user and provide a sign in token for the user (https://api.truenorthtest.com/#assign)
  • 01.27.2020 — Added “webhook” endpoint to allow for increased automation for retrieving user score data immediately after the user completes the assessment (https://api.truenorthtest.com/#registerWebhook)
  • 02.03.2020 — Fixed capitalization issue causing problems in the webhook endpoint for case sensitive clients
  • 02.03.2020 — Added full scoring data to the webhook payload

API versioning

As part of our API versioning strategy, we will simultaneously support both the current version and the previous version of the API. This means that we now support both the beta version and version 2020q1. While we recommend migrating to the new version as soon as possible, we understand that procuring the resources to do so often takes time. 

When we release the next version of the API, we will discontinue the beta version and require clients to migrate to the newer version. We will limit the frequency of API version releases in order to minimize disruption for our API clients; we will not release new versions any more frequently than once per quarter.

Key generation for 2020q1

During the beta period, we manually created and delivered beta API keys to beta participants. We recognize the security vulnerability this process creates, and have created a self-service module on the TrueNorth Admin Platform to create and revoke API keys. 

This can be accessed by selecting the “Settings” option in the top-level navigation bar, and then selecting “API Keys” in the vertical navigation bar on the page. If for some reason your account doesn’t have “API Keys” as an option, please reach out to clientsuccess@emmersion.ai and we can fix that for you. 

If you received a beta API key, you will see it listed underneath the “Existing Keys” section. As soon as possible, you should generate a new key to use in your integration, then revoke the beta API key. 

Additional feedback

We welcome additional feedback about the API. To report bugs or other support issues, please reach out to support@emmersion.ai. For all other inquiries, please contact clientsuccess@emmersion.ai.

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