Emmersion Expands its Testing Library with its 9th Speaking Assessment: Tagalog

Here at Emmersion, everything we do helps us work toward closing the global communication gap, and part of those efforts mean growing and improving our assessment library. Our automated, AI-powered assessments provide a way for language learners around the world to reliably certify their language ability and take advantage of new opportunities. 

We’re excited to now be adding Tagalog to Emmersion’s assessment library, continuing our reputation as having the largest suite of automated language assessments in the world!

Why Tagalog

This release is particularly meaningful to us. Not only is this our 9th speaking assessment language and the only automated solution for testing Tagalog skill in the world, we have a special place in our hearts for the Tagalog language and its speakers.

As one of the lesser-spoken languages of the world, Tagalog has always lacked priority for most language assessment companies. We understand the need to prioritize, but our goal isn’t to provide assessments in only “popular” languages—we want to democratize language learning and assessment for all languages and people around the world.


So, when our clients express a need for a reliable, certified Tagalog language assessment, we seized the opportunity to create a high-quality solution. It wasn’t easy, and there were significant roadblocks to overcome. One of them was the fact that language recognition software (which is a valuable tool for us in assessing language ability) wasn’t available for the Tagalog language.

Another was a lack of Tagalog speakers to test, refine, and calibrate the assessment. This obstacle created significant delays that we hadn’t seen with other languages. 

When faced with these challenges, many companies would have chosen an easier route or a “sloppier” version of their assessment. But at Emmersion, it’s very important to us to create high-quality products that perform well both alone and compared to each other. A 7.8 ability score should mean the same thing for both English and Tagalog, French and German. We knew care and consistency needed to be highly prioritized in this assessment’s development, and we’re so proud of the outcome as a result.

Assessment development at Emmersion

The secret sauce of our company is definitely our technology. Emmersion uses a combination of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, Elicited Imitation (EI), and automation to deliver the best of the best in the language assessment industry. 

Computer test

It’s been incredible to take our expertise in cognitive language learning and aptitude and use it to prove ideas about the power of EI and the universal nature of cognitive language learning. We’re learning and showing that language skill can be accurately measured, and subjected to universal standards for language learners everywhere.

This creates immense opportunities in leveling the playing field for all people, no matter where they live or come from. It’s important to us to develop assessment solutions for “less popular” languages like Tagalog because we care about all Tagalog speakers. 

We also strongly value the chance this gives us to quantify an intangible skill in a meaningful way. Not only are our assessments fast, accurate, and scalable, they’re objective. Our technology can’t sense a person’s gender, nationality, socioeconomic status, or any other traits that allow for the influence of bias to creep into the decision making process. 

For these and many other reasons, we’re proud to continue improving and creating high-performing products for organizations around the world.

Here’s a quick glimpse into our assessment development process for every language:

Tagalog timeline for blog

The future of Emmersion language assessments

As we continue to build our assessment library, we recognize that closing the global communication gap isn’t a goal we can achieve on our own. It’s up to you, along with the hundreds of organizations we serve and the millions of Emmersion test-takers around the world, to make a difference in achieving language democratization for all of us. 

Wondering how you can help? Every time an assessment is taken, we’re able to refine our data, hone in on true language ability faster, and provide an even more effective and reliable experience. You can try it yourself while helping us close the global communication gap by clicking the button down below. (You can see all of our available assessments here.)

While this is only one step further in our journey to close the global communication gap, we recognize it for its significance and look forward to more assessment releases and exciting progress to come! 

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