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6 Tips for Improving Retention in Contact Centers and BPOs

The BPO and contact center industries are notorious for difficult hiring conditions. High quality recruits are hard to find, and even harder to retain. So, if you’re looking to boost retention, we’ve got you covered. Check out these six strategies you can implement to keep more employees in your seats for longer.

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8 Top Tips for Hiring the Right Call Center Agents

Agents are your contact center’s most valuable assets. Along with being expensive to find and retain, they represent both you and your clients to individual consumers, and the quality of every interaction counts. For these reasons and more, hiring the right agents is paramount to the success of your business. So, read below for some of our best advice on investing in the right people as you grow.

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Why the Rise of Skills-Based Hiring for Contact Centers and BPOs

Skills-based hiring means looking at talent acquisition from a different perspective. Traditional hiring prioritizes accomplishments and education over proved abilities, and it’s often much too near-sighted. As people find new avenues for learning and developing their talents, skills-based hiring levels the field for applicants and helps companies focus on getting more effective talent in a faster and easier way.

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