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Repeat After Me: A Defense of Listen-and-Repeat Tasks

One of our company values at Emmersion is to be a Truth Seeker. To be a Truth Seeker is to continuously look for new perspectives and gain new information about ourselves. We are comfortable with questions—even questions that seem tinged with criticism. We are passionate in mastering our craft, so we welcome a chance to reflect on, and then respond to, a critique. 

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Language Programs are Muscle, Not Fat

Covid-19 and the reverberations of its disruption continue to touch every corner of our economy and society. We are extremely sensitive to the difficulties that many people are facing. We feel fortunate that our mission aligns with recovery efforts. Last post I touched on how our work can help people get back to work. This week feels like a return to my heartland: academia.

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6 Advantages of Hiring Bilingual Candidates

While we are mindful of the uncertainty of the present situation around the world, our hope is that the current record high levels of unemployment will shortly give way to record high hiring. As a growing business, we know that hiring the right people is not just a part of running a business, it is the key to running a successful business. That’s why we are committed to designing solutions that help business around the world find the right people with the right skillset. 

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