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Hiring Trends for International Call Centers

The call center industry has not only survived the challenges of recent years, it’s grown tremendously as many organizations took strides to redesign their purpose and benefit. Traditional call centers have evolved into contact centers—providing more value, brand equity, and experience-oriented customer care. Today, almost all big businesses avail call center solutions, and the revenue generated by the industry is at an all-time high.

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How to Adapt to Today’s International Call Center Hiring Challenges

If the rapidly-changing call center world wasn’t already difficult enough to navigate, COVID-19 has made it much harder to keep up with trends and demands. If having to deal with angry customers, strict work schedules, penny-pinching upper management, and super high expectations wasn’t enough, companies are now having to deal with the challenges of remote work, COVID-19 protocols, competition from additional market opportunities, and a shortened supply of talent.

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How to Learn a New Language

The Secret to “Speedy” Learning of a New Language

Ever thought about learning a second language? Which way is the best way? Which way is the fastest? Is the best way...

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A Personal Perspective of the Importance of Language

I am on the plane home from a huge personal accomplishment. I am returning to the US having just visited Egypt and my 7th continent of the world (yes, that includes Antarctica). While I have visited some of the most amazing parts of the world, I know I still have much to see. Through my travels, I have enjoyed some of the most impressive natural wonders, man made structures, and passionate individuals. 

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12 Key Factors to Choosing a Language Screening Software

When I consider an enterprise software solution, I like to match up the features from each consideration. Sometimes I learn about important features that weren’t originally in my consideration set. Once I have a solid understanding of what I am looking for, I proceed to evaluate firms with the options that I need and eliminate firms that are not capable of delivering on my needs.

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Recruiting for English Skills in Call Center Staffing

Many contact centers are in a constant state of turnover and hiring. Either as a result of growth and success or poor recruiting for call centers and other outsourced positions and jobs. High turnover or high growth can put a significant strain on the organization.

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Measuring Corporate Language Training Programs for Success

A Little Background on Corporate English Training Programs: As global business started to boom in the 1970s and 1980s international organizations quickly realized communication was going to be the limiting bottleneck of growth. Many cultural idiosyncrasies quickly escalated into worldwide PR crises. Most were rooted in communication and translation mistakes. Corporations needed a solution and standardization for languages.
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5 Major Challenges Faced By Call Centers Worldwide

Call center growth is continuing at a record pace. And, as emerging countries’ economies stabilize, call center sourcing is becoming more and more global. While India was once the center of all call center development, now Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, the Philippines, and other countries are quickly developing call center production. Regardless of location, call centers still face many of the same challenges.

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