9 Unexpected Use Cases for AI Language Testing

Did you know that a great language assessment solution helps you do more than just test language skills? Emmersion’s platform was built with so much more to offer, from an easy-to-use admin dashboard to our proprietary, 100-point TrueNorth scoring scale, to detailed insights about each test-taker in your organization. 

Find out how you can use these features to your advantage below:

1. Place new hires in the right positions

AI assessments give you highly accurate and detailed insight into your testers’ language ability. For example, Emmersion tests score assessments using our proprietary, 100-point TrueNorth scale, (and also map those scores to global standards like CEFR and TOEFL). With granulated data like that, you can really dial in on the language requirements you need for each role and assign new hires to the right positions based on your results.

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2. Harness data for benchmarking studies

Have you ever wanted to conduct a benchmarking study for your organization? It’s a great way to figure out how to place new employees (like we just talked about) and accurately assign language requirements to different roles. With AI language testing, you can test current and future employees to get the right benchmarks in place for all of your positions based on accurate skillset data.

3. Create custom language requirements for each position

Once your benchmarking study is complete, you can use your findings to set language requirements for all of your positions. Another benefit of a granular scale for an AI language test is the opportunity to create your own language thresholds and qualification levels, rather than having to rely on generalized ones like CEFR.

4. Periodically test your employees to measure their performance

Want more insight into how your workers are performing over time? Establishing regular language testing check-ins gives you invaluable data about the health of your workforce, whether or not they’re improving their skills, and their current ability to meet your business’s needs.

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5. Identify where your employees can grow and upskill their abilities

Your periodic language check-ins are also a great time to find employees that are slowing down in their language growth and the ones that are close to the next level but need a little coaching to get there. Accurate, detailed data allows you to give targeted, strategic help when and where you need it most.

6. Use language ability in promotion requirements

Providing your employees with clear paths to progress in their careers is a very effective way to bump up attrition in your organization. Accurate, AI language testing and accurate benchmarking help you to create effective, reachable language goals as part of your employees’ growth paths.

7. Use test results to segment and differentiate your workforce

This tip works great for a variety of industries, but especially the contact center industry. Not all clients are equal, and not all have the same communication requirements for your workforce. With effective AI language testing, you can create language speaking tiers to differentiate your services and charge a premium for top-level speakers. (See one of our clients talk about this concept in action here!)

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8. Compare data to standardize language ability across regions

If you’re operating in multiple locations, it can be very difficult to uphold the same language standards across regions, especially if you’re using person-to-person language testing. AI assessments are completely objective—they test the same way and with the same requirements everywhere, no matter where they’re taken around the world.

9. Improve key metrics throughout your organization

Did you know that high-quality, AI language testing is directly correlated to things like CSAT and retention? If you’re hiring bilingual candidates that need to communicate well in order to do their jobs, language ability is absolutely foundational to your success. Solid language skills lead to better outcomes throughout your business.


We hope listing a few possible use cases for you have given you some inspiration about what great AI language assessments can do for you. When you really take advantage of the benefits of a solution like this one, you’ll be surprised about how much it really impacts your organization for the better.  


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