6 Tips for Improving Retention in Contact Centers and BPOs

The BPO and contact center industries are notorious for difficult hiring conditions. High quality recruits are hard to find, and even harder to retain. So, if you’re looking to boost retention, we’ve got you covered. Check out these six strategies you can implement to keep more employees in your seats for longer.

1. Get a handle on your data

Did you know that 72% of companies believe they can use analytics reports to improve customer experience? We’re not surprised—data is the key to knowing where you’ve been, where you are, and how to get to where you want to go. This is our first step for a reason. Before you can make any meaningful changes to your attrition management strategy, you need to be able to track your data.

2. Focus on what you can control

Attrition happens for a lot of reasons. Remember that you can’t control what your employees do, but you can control what you do. Some attrition will always exist in contact center and BPO hiring, but it’s possible to lower your attrition rates by getting ahead of your strategy before, during, and after the hiring process.

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3. Optimize your hiring efforts

Retention issues happen long before an employee is officially hired—your future employees will start forming ideas and creating expectations from the moment they interact with you. 

So, everything from your job description to your interview process should be built around intentionally communicating your expectations and attracting people that resonate with them. 

There’ll be many important messages you convey during this time, and one of them has to be the standard of service you’re planning to deliver. Make sure your agents know what skills you expect them to have and then do your part to evaluate their skills as well as you can and as early as you can during your pre-employment assessments and interviews. 

4. Prioritize language ability in your candidate pool

If there’s one thing we know at Emmersion, it’s that your candidates’ language ability is a crucial indicator of how they’ll perform. Language skills affect communication skills, and communication is everything in the servicing industry. So, before you extend an offer, make sure you understand their language skill level as well as possible before you make a decision. 

5. Test objective skills with automated assessments

For most objective skills, it’ll be most effective to evaluate them with an assessment provider, not a person-to-person interview. Humans are typically best at determining subjective things, like personality and cultural fit. You can hire faster and more accurately with automated, test-based assessments handling objective skills testing.

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6. Track and reward employee progress

Employees choose to stay when they know they’re progressing and feel motivated to continue. So, it’s smart to prioritize tracking and measuring progress throughout their development to help them know where they’re at and what they need to do to reach their goals.


So, there you have it! Our six fast tips for bumping up retention in your organization. When your employees feel valued, cared for, and poised to succeed in their positions, they’ll be more likely to stay longer and do better work while they’re with you. 

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